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It’s Panty time!

28 Oct

Just like every other girl in the world I love make-up and the love for make-up came upon my best friend cousin who taught me how to put on eye shadow and blush my chicks back in 2006. Although I have a lot of eye shadows (which I’m more obsess with) I don’t have as much Lip-gloss in my beauty department because I’m not to crazy about them (I know, I’m a wierdo). I recently opened an email from Chictopia to receive a free lip gloss from American Apparel and of course I had to check them out. Walking in with my best friend (who is a visual merchandiser at Burberry) I wanted to check the lip glosses and quickly caught my attention with PantyTime.

The Pantytime is an absorb water creme lipgloss which doesn’t feel sticky at all and the color really last. Let’s not forget, when choosing the color of your lip glosses it is best to pick them by the color of your skin tone. Not every color fits for everyone and it’s important to keep that in mind.

Ever since I had the Pantytime I became totally obsess with it and as soon as it runs out I am planning to get more. Try it out yourself by clicking HERE and also check out varieties of lip gloss color American Apparel offers as well.


Shoes makes my outfit!

13 Jul

Wearing; Steve Madden Carnaby navy suede lace-up booties, Levi’s denim shorts, and Zara basic knots poncho top.

As a Shoe-freak the one thing I always think about before stepping out my house is what shoes should I wear with my outfit? I can always wear a plain top and plain denim shorts but shoes is what makes my outfit complete. One amazing thing about these Steve Madden lace-up booties is that I can wear it in any outfit. If you know me, you should know one of my addictions are booties, booties, and booties! I hate flats and I hate slippers and only wear them when I know I’ll be standing in my feet for more than seven hours. My mother has bought me this shoes last year when they recently came out and I really don’t wear them as much as I should but when I do all I can say is all eyes are on me.

I might be the only one in the world who isn’t reading Fifty Shades of Grey and instead I’m reading “Fashion Now” (edited by Terry Jones) which is basically a wonderful book about the latest 100 fashion designers and their wonderful success along with a couple photo-shoots that best describes their brand. I was happy when I open my mail box and here arrives the new EllE Magazine August’2012 issue as Katie Holmes on the cover. As always she looks gorgeous than ever! It was a best way to end a stressful day of school as well as chatting with my amazing best-friend of 6 years.

Finals in Style!

19 Jun

Yes People! I am wearing less jewelry, denim jeans and flats because its finals week. It’s been about six months I haven’t blog at all. It has been an adventure in 2011 meeting so many great designers and celebrities in person, attending so many fashion shows during fashion week, press previews, and sneak peak of the latest fashion trends. This year I have decided to concentrate in being a Full-Time student, dedicating my weekends working for ZARA as well as spending more quality time with my family and friends

REISS Ballet gold and black flats, Levis super skinny denim jeans, orange leather bracelet from local Gravesend boutique, Diane Von Furstenberg emerald-green gradient sunglasses and vintage diamond starburst gold necklace.

As summer is approaching I have decided to make a little change in my blog, I will be blogging more about my everyday style and share the adventures I experience with my crazy family and friends. Just want this year to be unforgettable before Fall approaches and in a blink of an eye I am a senior in College about to graduate and interning with an amazing magazine. My inspiration being more like the next Carrie Bradshaw!