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My Signature Look

28 Jan

Well Hello,

So last night I finally decided to make my very first YouTube video. The funny thing was that I already had a Youtube account for the past two years when I created a gmail account and honestly I had no idea ’till recently. Since this year started it has been quite a roller coaster for me and trying to make some few changes in my personal life isn’t as easy as I thought it was. Anyways, I have been receiving a lot more invitations for launch parties, fashion shows and runway shows this year which I am pretty excited for. Although I am a bit upset because I am unable to attend some awesome events due to school schedule but I still have a lot more which I have RSVP and it seems like February is going to be a busy month for me. So for my first Youtube video I wanted to introduce my self and show you guys my typical eye shadow signature makeup look, Check it out:

The three main brushes I used (left to right) was the Studio Tools Eyeliner brush, eye brush 1809 ELF defining eye, and the Studio Tools medium shadow brush. These three brushes are amazing and they are must have, plus they are very affordable from E.L.F.

This is my absolute favorite eye shadow product which I received during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the “Made in Africa” by Arise Magazine Fashion Runway Show. It is the Bunmi Koko for Cargo eyeshadow, unfortunately these eyeshadow color palette was specially made for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week but check out other Cargo Cosmetics eyeshadow color Palette’s by clicking HERE.

So the next product that I used was the Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow 8 pan in sunbaked neutrals (Click HERE) which I applied the shade to the crease and blended to the outside corner of the lid shadow.

Luckily my mother used to be a Mary Kay Makeup representative a while ago so I was able to customize my own eyeshadow color palettes and as you can see I just love neutral colors but anyways the eye shadow that I applied as a Highlight shade was the Mary Kay Mineral Sweet Cream eye color. Don’t forget, the highlight shade goes around the browbone making a big “N” around it.

Last thing I applied was the e.l.f Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black which I love because unlike the liquid eyeliner it doesn’t make your eyes watery and is less messy.

Well hope you guys found this post helpful and I had so much fun trying to make my first YouTube video although I have to admit it’s not in good quality but work with me. Don’t forget to keep an eye on my YouTube channel, there going to be a lot more great videos of events that I will be attending and take you to behind the scenes and backstage.



January Favorites

14 Jan

Well hello my beautiful readers, its been a while but I hope every one had an amazing holidays. One thing that I was thinking about doing something different in my blog is include “Beauty”. I came across a couple of girls who seem to have a lot of acne and blemishes in there skin so I figure why not post my daily night routine when it comes to cleaning my face. Keep in mind, it might not work for everyone but it is helpful to have an idea of what I go through every night. I know, some of us do get lazy at times to clean our face because it does take time but washing your face with just water and soup is not enough. It’s important to take the proper steps when doing so, especially when wearing make-up.

My first step, I clean my face with the Neutrogena Make-Up remover cleansing towelettes. It removes all your make up really quickly and leaves your skin extremely soft. I noticed as I am wiping my face it absorbs the oil in your skin as well.

The Instant lift pads from Hydroxatone are amazing because it soften the looks of wrinkles. Even though I am on my 20’s I have a bad sleeping habit and started noticing puffiness around my eyes. The lift pads helps the firmness of your skin. I don’t use the product that often but my mother uses it every 2 days. I noticed a reduction of fine lines appearance. CLICK HERE to purchase the product.

One of the many products that I use and love is the Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle complex SPF 15, Which you can purchase at DermStore by clicking HERE. This Anti-Wrinkle cream is helping the disappearing’s of my laugh line and lines on my forehead.

Another of my favorite products is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst fruit infusion smoothing facial scrub. I heard so many great things about this product that I decided to try it out for myself. And let me tell you, it is AMAZING! Aside from having an incredible smell, the facial scrub brightens up your skin and evens up your tone color. Even though it’s meant for mornings because I love how it leaves your skin smooth and refreshing I also tend to use it right away after taking off my make-up.

Last but not least one of the products that I have become obsess with is the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter formula firming butter. Do you have any loss skin right after weight lost? Well this product is perfect for you because it helps with the firm and tone of your skin. Another reason as to why I just love the product is because it contains Ginseng, Co Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin E which is great to have a smooth and softer skin.