September how I love you,…

18 Sep

September was one of busiest month ever for me. First, there’s final’s at school and I had so many projects to hand over to my professors. Second, lets not forget September also includes New York Fashion Week. Yes! unfortunately I was unable to RSVP many invitations I had received due to studying (School comes first). Luckily I made time to attend Nolcha Fashion week on September 12 taken place at the beautiful Pier 59 Studios.

For those who don’t know, Nolcha Fashion Week is an event where many independent talented designers are able to showcase their latest collection on the runway. After a long day of classes I was so happy to hop on the train and bus to arrive at this beautiful location. Feeling the pure air breeze and the ocean smell made me realize how fortunate I am.

Scent of Seduction was one of the sponsors for Nolcha Fashion Week. It’s a luxury fragrance for both unisex designed by master perfumer Francesco Bellini.

RUSK haircare products and styling tools were provided at Nolcha Fashion Week. Models walking down the runway had amazing hair styles and guest were able to purchase the products as well.

Perfect way to end Nolcha Fashion week is being assigned front row seat for the last fashion shows. I love and enjoyed my seat with a bag full of goodies.


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