Neodandi Spring 2013 – Runway Show

18 Sep

Thursday September 13 was officially the last week of New York Fashion Week and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of my good amazing fashionista friend and I had attend Neodandi Spring 2013 Runway Show taking place at Stollway. The event was an introduction from designer Niilartey De Osu officially opening a pop-up store later this Fall in NYC.

Neodandi didn’t just do any ordinary runway show, the show included choreographed dancers posing wearing the garments. It was a thirty minutes performance of human expression in fashion design. According to Niilartey De Osu “Deconstructionism is not the deconstruction of clothing, but rather the deconstruction of society’s rules. It is the expulsion of restraint and the embracement of expression“.

Unfortunately I was unable to take images of the performance due to a lot of people on the event but I do however have these images of the mannequins with some of the Spring 2013 collection to show you guys,


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