Finals in Style!

19 Jun

Yes People! I am wearing less jewelry, denim jeans and flats because its finals week. It’s been about six months I haven’t blog at all. It has been an adventure in 2011 meeting so many great designers and celebrities in person, attending so many fashion shows during fashion week, press previews, and sneak peak of the latest fashion trends. This year I have decided to concentrate in being a Full-Time student, dedicating my weekends working for ZARA as well as spending more quality time with my family and friends

REISS Ballet gold and black flats, Levis super skinny denim jeans, orange leather bracelet from local Gravesend boutique, Diane Von Furstenberg emerald-green gradient sunglasses and vintage diamond starburst gold necklace.

As summer is approaching I have decided to make a little change in my blog, I will be blogging more about my everyday style and share the adventures I experience with my crazy family and friends. Just want this year to be unforgettable before Fall approaches and in a blink of an eye I am a senior in College about to graduate and interning with an amazing magazine. My inspiration being more like the next Carrie Bradshaw!



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