TOUS Jewelry – Spring/Summer 2012 Press Preview

11 Nov

I was very thrill to hear that I was able to be part of TOUS jewelry Spring/Summer 2012 Press Preview collection, which by the way I would die for. It took place at the beautiful AMARIDIAN Gallery, 31 Howard Street in Soho. The location was perfect as the gallery contained beautiful (expensive) African art pieces which in fact the new TOUS collection is all about the inspiration of traditional African jewelry. The collection was full of signature jewelry, Kinshasa, Sindano, Bakuli, Iaze, Bangili, Nandi, Duna, and as well as handbags.

The Duna vermell sterling silver pendant with brown cord was hanging on branches following on the side with the Viviana linen and bovin leather handbag with serpent finishing. Perfect presentation.

This beautiful Sindano 18kt yellow gold sterling sliver bi-laminated necklace with black diamonds was placed at a great showoff following along side with the matching 18kt bracelet. It was inspired when in the 1890s the African ladies wrap the upper hem of there cloths round under the armpits.

Loving the Poison Bovin leather handbag with serpent finishing and the Viviana leather handbag. Love love love them!

Although simple the Kinishasa black rhodium sterling sliver with ice diamonds bracelet and ring made the collection complete.

What’s a collection without these beautiful Bangili Vermeil and Sterling Silver black methacrylate cuffs with leopard and zebra prints. Below the Sienna Bovine leather handbag with crocodile. Love the Poison bovine leather handbag and the Lujan Curly. Perfect for a night out in the big city.

Oh my god, when I saw the branch full of colorful jewelry I was left speechless. The braches contained signature jewelry of 18kt yellow gold necklace, vermeil sterling silver rings, sterling silver necklace with ice diamonds, Bakuli 18kt yellow gold and sterling silver bi-laminated rigid necklace with matching earrings, Iaze vermeil sterling silver and faceted smoked quartz necklace and ther sterling silver faceted peridot ring and bracelet (which one of my lovely friends couldn’t get her eyes off).

The beautiful Nandi vermeil sterling silver pendant with brown cotton cord on the green afrain piece, and lets not forget the Bakuli 18kt yellow gold and sterling silver bi-laminated rigid necklaces with matching earrings.

Overall the event was PERFECT! everyone showed up to the press preview and enjoyed every minute of it. follow TOUS on twitter at @Tousjewelry.


One Response to “TOUS Jewelry – Spring/Summer 2012 Press Preview”

  1. Mindy November 21, 2011 at 2:29 am #

    Looks like there are some great pieces!


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