Lanvin for H&M

19 Nov

Just a couple of weeks ago “Lanvin for H&M” has arrived, it is the latest new couture version collection from H&M provided only on selected H&M stores. One thing I absolutely love is the way they promoted the collection. A video presentation was a great way that had caught so many peoples’ attention. I love the style and the concept behind it. He created a story behind his collection that makes people want more. He designed the collection for all age’s weather you’re the daughter, the mother or the grandmother the outfits are perfect for those to wear and feel beautiful.
I love the style of edgy, sexy and classy at the same time. It’s fun and hip for any occasion, you literally won’t want to take it off from your body. I as well love the “lanvin for H&M” men’s collection, super 70’s style. All this collection is to die for, I felt in love with each and every piece. The designer is brilliant and the collection actually makes senses with the story line. So all my ladies and fellas, start saving money for NOV 20, “Lanvin for H&M” has been my obsession this month. Check out more of the styles on H&M website with full detaileds and the affordable prices for these hot couture dresses.


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