Passion For Fashion – Careers in Style

25 Oct

If you are considering a career in fashion, “Passion for Fashion” by Jeanne Beker I recommend to read, in order for you to become successful in the fashion industry you must understand the different categories of career’s that is offer to you. For example if you are majoring in Fashion Merchandising, there is a whole other career choice you can grow from that degree like working as fashion director, fashion forecast, stylist, show producer, event planner, product development, merchandiser, fashion magazine editor, advertising sales, and marketing editor. Not a lot of people know about this, they automatically think it’s just merchandising but it’s not. Not only will this book help you narrow down your choices, but you will learn a lot from the ins and outs of the fashion world. Why Read it? Unlike other books out there she comes from experiences. In 1985 Beker hosted Fashion television and 10 years later she launched @fashion which was the first fashion website out there. She became very successful with her very first limited edition fashion line “Jeanne Beker” for Eaton’s and “Inside Out by Jeanne Beker” with Sears Canada. Mrs. Beker is a very successful women that has achieve it all in her career. Her book helps you learn as well from other designers past and their achievements. With many connections she has with other designers she gets the inside scoop straight from them. When Should I consider starting to read this book? Well I suggest before making any decisions, read it. It’s helpful to choose the right major that fits you as well as the right school that offers you the knowledge and hands on experiences you need before it’s too late to change. Where can I get “Fashion for Passion” by Jeanne Beker? At any Book store or even the Public Library. Remember Fashion isn’t always glamorous as it seems on television, there’s a lot of hard work involved, long hours, stress, with constant demand on the office but at the end of the day it all pays off. If its something you think you can handle and truly love than GO FOR IT!!!! =)


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