Bridal Fashion Week – Anne Bowen

18 Oct

Bridal Fashion Week is one of the main events for all the bridal designers to promote their new collection. Working for Anne Bowen was a life experiences. This was my first Runway show I worked on and I have learned so much behind the glamorous dresses and runway. Preparing for the fashion show is very important in order for things to come out right. You must be dedicated to be an intern during Fashion week to help the designer out with anything they need, even if that means running with heels around New York City =). Working behind the scenes was crazy but fun at the same time, I saw how they prepare the models with the right hair, make-up and dress.

During this event my Job was kind of being the designer assistance. Whatever she needed I would get. A day before the event another volunteer and I stayed in the office till 11pm to finish the necessary things needed to be done. We were exhausted but had lots of fun being in the Showroom with full of beautiful dresses surrounding us. The day of the Runway Show we prepared everything from setting up the dresses in the fitting room to helping put out the white carpet for the runway show. Beautiful lights and flowers just inspired me more to continue doing what I love. Seconds before the show starts we lined up the models, each one of us had to fix their dresses when they start “the walk”. It was a GREAT Successful show! But the work didn’t end there. When we carried the dresses back from the venue to the Showroom was a work-out. I said to myself “how these skinny models can walk such a heavy dress” It was FUN! I suggest anyone who wants to start a career in the fashion industry it’s a MUST to volunteer for fashion week. Not only you would gain experiences and knowledge threw this but you would meet a lot of wonderful and the nicest people that is willing to work with you and train you, giving the best advice for the future.


2 Responses to “Bridal Fashion Week – Anne Bowen”

  1. hector October 18, 2010 at 4:00 am #

    good job bitch! ❤

  2. Fabian October 18, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    Sueecssful of ur job lol good work nessa

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